Monthly Archives: October 2014

ODC Dance / Rhythm & Motion

It’s as if there’s a big jelly jar around you and your hips are cleaning off all the jelly. Far from a fluid flourish of jelly coated hips, mine jerk and twitch stickily about the imaginary glass. Surely “Absolute Beginner Tribal Belly Dance” is a misnomer. * When I enter the classroom I find a […]

Omnivore Books

  An ideal truffle smells like the perfect lover in your most elaborate fantasy, only better. — Shroom: Mind-bendingly Good Recipes for Cultivated and Wild Mushrooms, Becky Selengut Now that is something I need to taste. Silken Scrambled Eggs with Shaved Alba White Truffles… Truffle Gougères… Paging through the book, I come across a fluted, […]

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2014

Dirt spills into my sneakers and puffs up in small, dry whorls as I slide down the hillside grove of fragrant eucalyptus. Dust mingles with the vegetal bite of pot, filling my nostrils and laying a soft film over my hair and clothing. In the meadow below, waves of bodies surge and swirl. Atop rumpled […]

Seward Street Slides

Wound up, stressed out. Grumpy. A swirling, sludgy mess clogs my brain and plods with heavy, wheezing steps through my chest; a palpable metastasis. * I grab a flattened FedEx box out of my neighbor’s recycling bin and tuck it into my bag. On the train I look with slight giddiness at the bobbing, blank […]