Monthly Archives: June 2014

The Wave Organ

Undah dah sea… undah dah seeea! A cup of coffee in one hand, my head buzzing dully in the other, the frothy sounds of Sebastian’s ode to easy sea living float out from the Dynamo Donut kiosk. Donuts. Ah, yes. I extract my head from its anchor and take a bite. The strong wind that […]

Foot Reflexology Center

Removing my feet from the footbath of tea water, I raise my legs onto the footstool and sink into the padded faux-leather chair. With a dollop of lotion, the reflexologist begins rubbing my leg with her glove-covered hands. Across from me is a man in his mid-20s tapping away at his smartphone, and a heavyset […]

The Fizzary

One spot left. Dog Drool or Swamp Juice? Something more traditional? I cross back to the colas and peruse the shelves. Jolt. Bawls. Perhaps something that won’t send my heart twitching and sputtering. I wander toward the phosphorescent Orange section and contemplate the merits of a straightforward classic versus an orange cream. Hmmm… * The […]